King James' School

House System

We have a thriving house system at King James’s that:

  • encourages team spirit
  • increases the sense of community and belonging
  • encourages friendships among students of different ages
  • provides a focus for rewarding students for their achievements.

When students arrive at the school they join one of four houses:


Head of House:
Miss Rigden


Head of House:
Miss Ramplin


Head of House:
Mr Gordon


Head of House:
Miss Clayton


Each form group belongs to a particular house, as indicated by its name
(e.g. 7S JCP is a Swaledale form). Our house system provides an opportunity for younger and older students from the same house to mix.

The school has a long and proud tradition of house competition - not just in sporting endeavour, but also in drama, dance and music.

During the COVID-19 pandemic it has not been possible to deliver House events. House events in 2018/19 included:

  • Cross country
  • House Drama
  • Rugby/Hockey
  • Swimming Gala
  • Football/Netball
  • Softball/Rounders
  • Benchball (Year 8)
  • Accelerated Reader (Year 7)
  • Sports Day 
  • House Quiz
  • House Tokens

Each house has a Head of House and House Captains who help to organise teams and support students. House points are added up throughout the year and the overall winning house is awarded a trophy at the end of year assembly.