King James' School


Head of Department: Mrs P Eastaugh

We have four dedicated specialist geography teachers working in the Department. We aim to stimulate student interest in their surroundings, inspire a sense of responsibility for the environment and increase their knowledge of places at a range of scales. We value the development of enquiry based learning and encourage students to ask questions and deepen their knowledge through keeping abreast of the news. Assessment for and of learning is also key to learning at all key stages. Fieldwork is an essential part of the curriculum at King James’s and students across the key stages take part in local fieldwork exercises. The Department also runs a residential trip to Iceland for GCSE and A Level students. At GCSE the examination specification encourages the development of fieldwork and decision making skills. At A Level, all students follow an issue based course which allows for greater breadth and depth of key geographical issues to be studied.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs P Eastaugh 
Mr R Claughton
Mrs H Farmery
Mr S Giles
Mr S Keeble
Ms L Westerman