King James' School

Year 9 Options 2020/21

Design Technology & Modern Foreign Language Options for Year 9 2020/21

During Year 7 and 8 students have had the opportunity to study all the subjects we offer in the Technology and Modern Foreign Language faculities. In Year 9 the depth of these studies increases. To ensure students have sufficient curriculum time to benefit from the Year 9 courses, we are asking them to choose the following: one Modern Foreign Language and one Design Technology subject.

A summary of the option decisions to be made are below:


Decision to be made NOW in Year 8 for study in Year 9 2020/21

Decision to be made next year
for study in Year 10 2021/22 & Year 11 2022/23

French or German
  • Continue with the language chosen to GCSE level.
  • Choose a different subject for GCSE (i.e. drop the language)
  • If you are considering taking two languages at GCSE level, contact Mrs Copperthwaite through ItsLearning.
Food or Product Design or Textiles
  • Continue with the technology subject chosen to GCSE level.
  • Choose a different option subject for GCSE (i.e. drop the technology)
  • If you are considering taking two DT options at GCSE level, contact Mr Bolger through ItsLearning


* We ask students for a reserve choice of a technology subject due to constraints on staffing and resources. However, we do accomodate the first choice most of the time.

To provide students with more information about these options, we usually have a dedicated assembly but due to the current situation this will not be possible. Instead we have added a PowerPoint presentation from each of the Heads of Department see links below. In the majority of cases, students will be very clear on which language and technology subject they prefer from their experience of studying these subjects. Where the decision is not straightforward, the Year Team and Heads of Department can be contacted using the link on the ItsLearning page.

Please logon to your child´s ItsLearning account and go to the Year 8 Options page and follow the link to make their options choice by Monday 20th April 2020.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Giles                                               
Assistant Head Teacher  

Mr D Berry
Learning Manager Year 8