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KS4 Options

Welcome to KS4 Options

The options chosen for KS4 will affect how students will spend their time at school for the next two years. These choices will also influence what options are available in the future. The options that students select will be studied alongside our core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, MFL, Core PE and PSHCEE

It is vitally important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. Spend some time thinking about what subjects your child enjoys doing, what keeps them interested, motivated and something they can engage with.

Options Booklet

This booklet contains all the information about the subjects students can choose, the exams and assessments for each subject and an overview of the learning they will recieve. 

 Options Booklet


Virtual Options Evening

As we are unable to invite students into school to present the subject options available to them the virtual options booklet is available to few on the link below.  


Please also watch the below video that explains more about Year 9 options

This will include video presentations from the Heads of Departments, discussing what it’s like to study their subject at GCSE. These will be included in the booklet below.

 Options Booklet




Once you are ready to complete your form please access the form by the link below. This must be complete by the 12th February

If you still have any questions Parents/Carers will be able to ask questions to individual departments via a Microsoft Forms link:

Students can ask questions via itsLearning.