King James' School

Lateral Flow Covid-19 Home Testing

Self-Test Instructions 

You must follow the instructions in your self-test booklet. A copy of the instructions for the COVID-19 self-testing are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Video Guide: How to Self-Test: 

Reporting your results

After completing your home test you will need to report your results to the NHS Test and Trace system and also to the school. 

To report to the NHS please go to: Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result - GOV.UK (

To report your results to the school using our results form, please follow the relevant link for Staff or Students below:

student_button staff button


What to do if you get a positive result?

If you or your child has completed a Rapid Lateral Flow test at home and the result was POSITIVE, make sure:

  • you and anyone you live with self-isolates immediately
  • report your rapid lateral flow test result on GOV.UK as soon as possible, then report the result to the school using the relevant link above
  • Use the red ´Click & Report a Positive result´ button on the front of our website. Complete the necessary details so we may start the Track and Trace process
  • get a full PCR test to confirm your result. You can book this using either the NHS COVID-19 app, by visiting or by calling the customer contact centre on 119. Lines are open every day, 7am to 11pm.


Continue to self-isolate until you get the results back from the PCR test. You must follow any government advice you´re given when you get the result.

If your PCR test is Positive

If you receive a POSITIVE PCR result, please also report this to the school using the red ´Click & Report a Positive result´ button on the front of our school website to confirm the status with us.

Should the PCR return a NEGATIVE, please also use the red ´Click & Report a Positive result´ button on the website to provide us with an update on your situation so that we may stand down anyone we have had to isolate.

Do I have to get tested at home?

The Lateral Flow Home Testing Kits are voluntary. If you would prefer your child to not partake in home testing you can opt-out. If you choose to opt-out of home testing this does affect your child getting their three tests at the testing centre on school premises (provided you have already provided consent for these) 

To opt-out please use the link below: 

Opt-Out Form 

How to register for Home Testing?

If your child is not currently opted in for the home testing (they will already be enrolled if you have provided consent for in-school testing), then you may use the below link to submit your consent. Or to opt-out of this, please use the link in the section above. Please read the linked Privacy Notice below before registering.

Register my child for the Home Testing Kit

Home LFD Testing - Useful Information

Home LFD Testing - Risk Assessment