King James' School


Regular and punctual attendance is essential. We expect students to be here at all times, unless genuinely very poorly and should continue to have an attendance rate of at least 95%.  When students fall below this, please expect us to contact you to discuss our concerns and offer support. Your child’s attendance and punctuality information is available on My Child At School.

Link to Attendance Rating Guidance.


Reporting a student absence

If students are unwell, parents are asked to ring the school Attendance Line before 8.30am and leave a message, stating their name, their child’s name and form, the nature of their illness and when they are expected to return.


School Attendance Line: Years 7 to 13

01423 798728


In the event of longer periods of  illness, parents are asked to contact the school as soon as possible and, where appropriate, work will be set for the student to complete at home.

Students should copy up work when they return to school after illness.


Requests for leave of absence/holiday in term time

Requests for leave of absence/holiday in term time

In line with Government guidelines school is unable to authorise any time off for holidays during term time. At the Head teachers discretion the school can grant leave of absence in ´exceptional circumstances´. The form to request leave of absence can be downloaded below.


Medical appointments

Wherever possible, medical appointments (doctor, dentist) should be made before or after school, or during school holidays. If this is not possible please email your child’s Pastoral Officer and inform them about the nature of the appointment, the time and date, so they can inform Reception.  Your child will need to sign out at Reception at the agreed time.


Punctuality to school and late arrivals

Students should be on site at 8.35.Students who arrive late (after 8.45am for the morning session and after 1.15pm for the afternoon session) should report to Reception and sign in, where they will be issued a late mark on Bromcom. A number of late marks per week will trigger an after school detention. If students are persistently late, parents will be informed to offer the necessary support in establishing consistent morning routines.