King James' School

Lockers & Valuables

All students have the opportunity to rent a locker from the school to keep their possessions safe. Students are asked to look after their locker as, potentially, they will keep the same one a few years. If a student loses their key, they should fill in a locker query form available from the Student Services Reception and there will be a small charge for replacement keys.

The school will not take responsibility for any items that go missing from a cloakroom if they could have been secured in a locker.

The cost of a locker is £10 per year rental.

All personal belongings must be clearly named and, when not in use, either carried or left in the cloakroom or student’s locker. Any items left in locker rooms overnight or at the weekend will be collected and placed in lost property, where they will be retained for collection. Items that are not named and that are left for more than half a term are donated to charity.


The school emphasises to students that they are responsible for their own belongings.

Students must not bring expensive items or large sums of money onto the school site because of the risk of damage or loss. Such items may be confiscated and the school will not accept responsibility of replacement or repair of any item or reimbursement of any sum of money, unless the school has been negligent.

Where absolutely necessary, valuables or money can be handed in to the Year Office for safekeeping, or to PE staff while taking part in PE activities.



Lockers & Valuables