King James' School

Admissions Info

King James’s School is a co-educational, comprehensive school that normally provides places for local children aged 11-18. Please see catchment area map.

Parents who live outside the catchment area may also apply for entry to King James´s School. These applications will be considered after all in-area applications have been allocated.

Admission to King James’s School is administered by:

North Yorkshire Children & Young People’s Service (CYPS)     
Jesmond House         
31-33 Victoria Avenue         

Tel: 01609 533679    

General guidance on school admissions in North Yorkshire can be obtained from the NYCC website.


If a school is over-subscribed, the Area Education Office allocates places according to published criteria. Parents should refer to the booklet issued by the Area Education Office for more information.

Please note that King James’s School is consistently over-subscribed each year by first preference applications.

Parents whose children are refused a place at their first choice school by the Area Education Office may appeal against the decision. A form for this purpose is available from the Area Education Office.