King James' School


To enable the school to regularly report to parents on students’ progress, the school year at King James’s is divided into four learning cycles. Every student is formally assessed for each subject during each learning cycle and the outcome is reported to parents.

The assessment given for a subject is based on a formal assessment completed during the learning cycle - this could be a particular piece of work, or a test focusing on some of the key areas covered during the learning cycle.

Students are also given a grade for attitude to learning, which tells you about key aspects of your child´s effort, such as initiative, resilience, motivation and engagement.

Written comments to help students improve their understanding are recorded on feedback sheets near the assessed work the student has completed. The summer term learning cycle report also contains a written comment by your child’s form tutors.

Specific questions relating to the learning cycle reports for different year groups are covered in the learning cycle guidance documents that can be downloaded below.

In 2020/21, learning cycle reports will be issued on:

  • Learning Cycle 1: Monday 7th December 2020
  • Learning Cycle 2: Monday 1st March 2021
  • Learning Cycle 3: Monday 17th May 2021

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 & 11

Sixth Form

Attitude to Learning