Term Dates

School calendar for 2013/14

Summer term 2013

Summer Term 2014

Start of term: 22nd April
End of term: 22nd July

Half-term: 26th May to 30th May

Training days: 17th June

Note for parents: 22nd April is incorrectly shown as a Training Day in Student Planners. Students commence 1st Half Summer Term on Tuesday 22nd April.

Autumn term 2012

Autumn Term 2014

Start of term: 1st September 2014
End of term:  19th December 2014

Half-term: 27th to 31st October 2014

Training days: 1st September, 10th October 2014


Spring term 2013

Spring Term 2015

Start of term: 5th January 2015
End of term: 27th March 2015

Half-term: 16th to 20th February 2015

Training days: 27th February 2015

Summer term 2013

Summer Term 2015

Start of term: 13th April 2015
End of term: 20th July 2015

Half-term: 25th May to 29th May 2015

Training days: 16th June, 20th July 2015