King James' School

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is head of year 7?

Mr Keogh is the Learning Manager and Mr Bentley is the Pastoral Officer for year 7.

On our first day where do we first meet to find out what form we are in and also which locker we will be given?

On their first day Tuesday 8th September, please can students enter the school via the S1 car park and walk down the path adjacent to the school towards Chaloner Hall, where Mr Keogh and the Form tutors will welcome their students.

A letter will be issued shortly with further details and an update on the locker situation.

What time do they need to be at school on their first day? Do they bring pe kit on first day?

Pupils need to attend for 8.40am. They do not need to bring their PE kit on the first day.

Do you have a start date for Year 7?

Currently the first day back for Year 7 still remains as Tuesday 8th September. 

We will continue to communicate with parents any changes to this date in light of the current situations and government guidance. 

When will we find out our form details: name, who is in it and tutor?

On your first day in September.

When do they find out which house they are in? Is this the same as form?

On their first day and yes it will be part of the form name.

How many children are in a class and the full year group? How many year 7 form groups?

267 in the year group so 26/27 in each form group and 26 approx. in teaching groups but smaller in practical subjects.

Do they get timetable before starting or on first day?

Pupils will get their timetable and planner on the first day.

We know about the purple pen, but is there any other specific stationery needed. Do they need a fountain pen or is biro ok? Scientific calculator or other maths equipment?

A biro is what most children use. The purple pen is used for self assessment. As sharing of equipment is not allowed in the current circumstances, please could you make sure you have your own pens, pencils, colours, a glue stick, ruler, rubber and a whiteboard pen in your pencil case? For maths lessons you will also need a protractor and a pair of compasses. Stationery checklist

School will have a small stock of these if you are unable to provide your own.

The maths department sell scientific calculators at a good price so you can order one through school via ParentPay. 

For any school transport questions please refer to North Yorkshire County Council link below.

All transport queries should be made to them directly as school does not deal with bus travel to school

With reference to the locker situation, will pupils be expected to have a large enough back pack to store winter coats / lunch / books, or will there be provision for these?

There will be no initial provision for bags and coats so the pupils will need large enough back packs to carry all their belongings around school while the lockers are out of action.

With reference to the guidance on avoiding public transport, will there still be the facilities for children to arrive early / leave later through library or after school clubs?

During the first couple of weeks, there will be no before or after school clubs or practices as we get used to the new situation of Year bubbles and to allow everyone to settle back into school. There will therefore be no provision to arrive early or be picked up later in the first instance but this will be constantly reviewed.

Are pack lunches an option in the current climate?

King James’s is following all the latest guidance provided by Public Health England in respect to catering. Packed lunches will still be able to be brought into school but must not be shared with other students. The Y7 pupils will eat their lunches together in Chaloner Hall.