King James' School

Attendance Requirements

You are expected to strive for 100% attendance and to be punctual for the following:

  • Registration
  • Timetabled lessons
  • School service
  • Supervised study periods.

Attendance is monitored daily, with texts sent home to students missing lessons, registration or timetabled private study periods. Concerns are passed on to the Pastoral Officer, Form Tutors and Learning Managers. 

If you are unwell...

If you are unwell, you or your parents should ring the School Attendance Line and leave a message, stating your name and the nature of your illness on each day of your absence.

King James´s School Attendance Line: 01423 798728

When you return to school, complete a ´pink form´ and make sure you catch up any work you have missed.

If a student is away for three days, parents are asked to contact the Pastoral Officer. If illness is likely to be long, work may be set for the student to complete at home.

What other reasons are acceptable for absence?

The following are generally regarded as acceptable reasons for absence:

  • A medical appointment that cannot be arranged outside school hours. This must be supported by an appointment card where possible; however, you should try to make appointments in free periods
  • A visit to a university open day (attend a maximum of three per year)
  • A university or college interview
  • A career-related interview
  • Driving test ONLY - not lessons or theory test
  • Family bereavement
  • Education visits approved by the school. 

This list does not cover all possible acceptable absences. Please discuss any potential issue with the Sixth Form team.

The following reasons for absence would not generally be acceptable:

  • A holiday taken during term time
  • A social event during term time
  • Part or full-time work that is not part of your programme of study
  • Leisure activities
  • Birthdays or similar celebrations
  • Babysitting younger siblings
  • Shopping
  • Routine medical appointments
  • Missing lessons to complete coursework/homework
  • Interviews for part-time work
  • Driving lessons
  • Driving theory test.

As you would with part-time employment, please inform us in advance when you are missing school. A blue Advanced Absence Form must be completed (available from the Sixth Form Office).


Attendance Requirements