King James' School

Facilities and Resources

King James´s Sixth Form students have their own centre that contains a variety of specialist study facilities. The accommodation includes a Study Centre on two floors for silent working, with ICT provision, four well-furnished classrooms, facilities for wheelchair access, a cafe for Sixth Formers and an administration area.

In September 2019 we will be moving into a brand new Sixth Form building. This is an exceptionally exciting time for King James´s School.

The School Library is a high-quality resource that aims to support the curriculum and the development of independent learning, as well as promoting reading for pleasure. Sixth Form students benefit enormously from the expertise and guidance of a full-time, professionally qualified Chartered Librarian and an Assistant Librarian.

Situated on three floors, the library is easily accessible from the Sixth Form Centre and is open every day from 8.15am to 4.30pm (4pm on Fridays). A wide variety of print and digital resources is available, including approximately 13,500 books and e-books, magazines, subject-specific periodicals, daily newspapers and well-equipped ICT facilities. In addition, the library regularly obtains materials from the North Yorkshire Library and Information Service and the British Library.

Sixth Form students are actively encouraged to use the library for both collaborative and quiet personal study. They are also employed on a voluntary basis to assist in the smooth running of the library and are outstanding role models for younger students.

Students are also encouraged to visit the Careers Department, where they will be able to access university prospectuses, information on apprenticeships and gap years, students can use computers to source further information with the guidance of the Careers Manager.


Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources