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Careers Advice Service

King James’s School is committed to providing a high quality planned programme of careers education and guidance for all students from Years 7 to 13. Our aims support those of the National Curriculum and in particular prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. 

Key themes running through the programme are:-

  • Self-Awareness – helping young people assess their own interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses, recording their experiences and developing their capabilities. Careers Research – using resources, accessing specialist knowledge, investigating and weighing up the opportunities in learning and work. 
  • Career Decisions – helping young people make realistic but ambitious careers decisions and manage the transition from one stage to another e.g. from Year 9 to Year 10, Sixth Form to Higher Education.

If you would like more information about any aspect of careers support at King James’s School, please contact your year group Learning Manager (01423 866061).

The Careers Programme

We have a very active programme which includes:-

  • The Real Game – a work simulation programme in Years 7 & 8
  • Visiting speakers from local employers, colleges, universities, etc.
  • Careers Events – Year 9 Options, Careers Fair
  • Careers Interviews – all parents are invited to attend meetings
  • Support with university and college applications and job search

Our service includes:-

  • Access to advice and guidance from a professional Careers Adviser throughout the week
  • Advice which is impartial and which promotes equal opportunity
  • Access to up-to-date information on all career options via a variety of resources, both online and book based
  • Careers Software programmes to help students with career matching, job information and ideas for Higher Education
  • Attending many functions in school, including parents evenings
  • Support with transition into King James’s School and onto the next step of their education/employment for all students with SEN and Sixth Form

In Year 11 emphasis is placed on students having individual guidance to help them make decisions post-16. Careers Advice in Years 12 and 13 builds on earlier work with students taking more responsibility for their own research. 

Impact of Our Careers Education and Guidance Programme

The impact of Careers Education and guidance activities is evaluated by :

  • Accurate destination data of our students – NEET consistently below the national average and lower than 1%
  • Producing students who are confident to explore all options available and identify the best pathway for them based on their attainment and ambition.
  • Producing young people who are equipped with the knowledge as how, when and where to seek guidance in a fluid local and global market.

We know we have been successful when we have continued positive outcomes for all out students Post 16 and Post 18 in a varied range of destinations. Post 16 destinations include King James’s School Sixth Form, Other local Sixth Form Schools, Colleges, Apprenticeships and traineeships. Post 18 destinations include University, Higher and Degree Apprenticeship, GAP Year and Employment. 


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