Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

At King James’s we recognise the positive impact reading for pleasure has on students. It enhances their academic achievement and improves their attitude towards learning and school in general. Reading forms part of the curriculum and all Year 7 students are enrolled onto Accelerated Reader.  The lessons, led by an information and literacy specialist, are designed to encourage regular reading and students benefit enormously from specific guidance on which books are most appropriate for their reading level.

At the start of the programme, all students will be given a test to ascertain their current reading level. They then choose a suitable book to read. After finishing the book, they will take a computerised quiz and once they have achieved an average of 85% or more they will proceed to a higher level book. The lessons also involve students actively participating in specialised activities which are designed to further promote reading for pleasure.

Confidence and ability in reading can be a source of personal satisfaction and through Accelerated Reader we aim to instill in our students a life-long love of reading.

Accelerated Reader – Letter to Parents

A Parent´s Guide to Accelerated Reader