Executive Finance Group​

The Executive Finance Group is a standing working group that meets at least once a term to monitor monthly expenditure and the school budget.

The members of the Group are:

  • Malcolm Dawson
  • Pat Dunnill
  • Brian Horner
  • Carl Sugden (Headteacher)
  • Justin Waters (Director of Business Services)
  • Rob Whitehead (Chair)
  • Ian Yapp


The Group is meeting this academic year as follows:


If you would like to contact the Governors, please email Penny Fenton, Clerk to the Federation Governors.

Financial Information
 As part of current government guidance, the school must publish the number of staff whose salary exceeds £100,000 per annum in increments of £10,000. The information for King James´s School is below.
Annual Salary RangeNumber of employees
£110,000 – £120,0001

You can view King James´s School´s financial benchmarking information on the DfE website. To go directly to our school´s page, please use the following link: