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Sixth Form - Home


Heads of Department:

Ms J Jones

& Miss R Haughton

“Creativity is as important in education as Literacy” – Ken Robinson. 

The Department (comprising four specialist staff) is incredibly dedicated and passionate about Drama and the valuable role it plays in shaping students’ creativity, confidence, communication and teamwork skills. We want the students we teach to play, ask questions, explore and to think outside the box. We aim to facilitate an engaging, positive and supportive learning experience for all. Alongside this, we challenge our students to develop a critical and academic understanding of theatre as an art form. 

We aim to encourage and challenge students to value themselves and produce high standards of work, regularly experiencing opportunities to learn independently as well as part of small and large groups. There is great emphasis placed upon leadership skills which are developed both within regular curricular and extra-curricular opportunities such as Drama Clubs, Technical Theatre Clubs, Annual House Drama and School Productions. We are very proud of the ‘buzz’ that surrounds our department and rehearsal rooms.  

Our spiralling Key Stage 3 curriculum encompasses a range of skills, conventions and theatre styles both throughout history and up to the most contemporary practises, in preparation for further studies and the wider world. These skills are then further developed during Key Stage 4 where students may opt to take either the GCSE Drama course or the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Acting). Students pursue a demanding and highly practical curriculum regardless of course choice. At Key Stage 5 students can continue their craft of theatre by selecting Theatre Studies or BTEC National Diploma Performing Arts (Acting), which is equivalent to two A levels. The perception of the subject is very strong, and there is an outstanding sense of ethos. All of the courses offered within the Department are highly popular choices at both GCSE and A Level entry. 

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The absence reporting form is currently under review and will be available from Friday 22nd April. 

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