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Catering Services Team

King James’s School has a multi award winning in-house catering provision that has been recognised to have improved menu choices, decreased its cost base and reduced waiting times, whilst delivering value for money and producing exceptional quality dishes.

The team comprises a directly appointed Head Chef, Assistant Chef, Assistant Cook and Catering Supervisor, supported by a team of circa. nine Catering Assistants.

All students have access to our recently refurbished Food Court at breakfast, morning break and lunchtime. The Food Court provides an adult dining experience allowing students the freedom to choose. Our school meals offer excellent variety and value for money. In addition to classic school dinners prepared on the premises, we have introduced a range of ‘grab and go’ hot and cold meal options to cater for students with busy lunchtime schedules.

Full Service Delivery (pre/post pandemic)

The environment in the extended dining area is more like a shopping mall food court than a school dinner hall, providing 14 hot meal combinations including pasta, noodle and rice pots. There is also a sandwich ‘grab and go’ area and a separate Sixth Form and staff café. We will often serve over 900 students in 15 minutes with over 80% of the school using the facility daily equating to 1400 transactions. Our catering operation is staffed between 06.45 and 15.00 with frequent evening events and presentations supported by our hospitality service.

The Sixth Form menu has a build your own salad and sandwich theme, fresh bean to cup coffee and a range of ‘grab and go’ items.

If you are interested in current employment opportunities at King James’s School, please visit the Vacancies section of our website.

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