All students have access to our recently refurbished Food Court at breakfast, morning break and lunchtime. The Food Court provides a more ´grown up´ dining experience than primary school meals, allowing students the freedom to choose. Our school meals offer excellent variety and value for money. In addition to classic school dinners prepared on the premises, we have introduced a range of ´grab and go´ meal options to cater for students with busy lunchtime schedules.

Research shows that eating well at lunchtime helps to maintain concentration levels into the afternoon so it is important that each pupil finds something appealing to eat. Of course nutrition is always of utmost importance and all the meals meet the highest standards and comply with the relevant national school criteria.

The Food Court is cashless and payments are made by parents using a highly secure and easy to use online, ParentPay system. Therefore pupils do not need to bring any money to school with them. This system also allows parents to see the meal choices their child has been making. Parents can also specify a daily maximum spend limit for their children.

Sixth Form students have their own cafe serving snacks and drinks throughout the day and meals at lunchtimes.

There are facilities provided at school for students who wish to bring their own packed lunches to eat.