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Head of Department:Ms J Copperthwaite

The Languages Department has specialist French and German teachers. Our aim is to make languages accessible and enjoyable for all students, introducing them to a different culture and a different way of life.
In Year 7, students will learn French – building on the language taught at Primary School – developing their linguistic skills, which can then be transferred to learning any language. They will start learning German in Year 8 and then decide which of the two languages they have studied to continue into Year 9 and thereafter to GCSE level.
In Sixth Form, A Level courses are offered in both languages. Our global and multicultural society means that learning a language is beneficial in all aspects of life, both to those wishing to enhance any future career prospects and to those who enjoy travelling. Many courses at university now require a language to GCSE level, and those who study to A Level are looked upon favourably.
We work hard to ensure students have the opportunity to put their linguistic skills into practice – offering an exchange to Bebra in Germany and two new trips for the summer of 2023 – one to Opal Coast in France and one to the River Rhine/Moselle in Germany.  For those who do not get the chance to go on the trips, we also celebrate traditional festivals during the year to enrich the students’ cultural understanding of the languages – including Bastille Day and Sankt Nikolaus Tag.


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