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Head of Department:Mr S Keeble

At King James’s School we want our students to ‘think like a geographer’ which means that they have a sense of awe and wonder about the world in which they live. We want students to be passionate about the physical and human world and develop a sense of responsibility for the place in which they live from the local to the global scale. Students will become better geographers through making connections between topics, understanding the importance of place and developing key skills and knowledge to progress onto further study of the subject and in their careers. We want our geographers to be critical thinkers and therefore aim to provide them with the means to question and debate knowledge taught. We constantly update our curriculum to reflect our ever changing worlds and encourage students to deepen their knowledge through keeping abreast of the news. Fieldwork is an essential part of the curriculum at King James’s and students across the key stages take part in local fieldwork exercises. The Department also runs a residential trip to Iceland for GCSE and A Level students, which we hope to relaunch in 2024. At Key Stage 3 students will study a range of physical, human and environmental geography topics which are sequenced to build knowledge and skills and understanding. Geography at GCSE is a really popular subject and students achieve excellent results. The physical topics that students study include natural hazards, climate change, ecosystems, rivers and coasts; and the human topics are urbanisation, development and resource management. All students take part in two days fieldwork to Scarborough and the Yorkshire Dales. At A Level, all students follow an issue based course which allows for greater breadth and depth of key geographical issues to be studied and students carry out four days fieldwork to embed skills and knowledge. We have five dedicated specialist geography teachers working in the Department. Each of us has different geographical backgrounds including physical and human geography, geology and environmental science, which means we have range of subject expertise to develop specialist knowledge across the curriculum. Our passion for our subject and excellent results, has led to many students going on to study geography related subjects at university and beyond. 


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