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Medical Arrangements

King James’s has a school nurse who is fully qualified to attend to students requiring medical attention during the course of the school day.

The school is not authorised to provide any non-prescribed medication (including Paracetamol).

If your child needs to carry an inhaler or EpiPen around school, please complete a ‘Request for child to carry his/her own medicine’ form and return it to the school nurse. In case inhalers or EpiPens are forgotten or lost, parents should also ensure that the school nurse has a spare prescribed inhaler or EpiPen in its original dispensed box.

Students should not carry any other medication with them around school.

If your child needs to take medication prescribed by a GP during the school day, it should be given to the school nurse with a completed ‘Parental agreement for school to administer medicine’ form. We are now advised by the local authority to administer prescription only medications that are provided in the original dispensed containers.

The school takes no responsibility for children carrying or taking any other medication without prior permission, unless it is part of their medical care plan held at school.

In the event of an emergency during school hours, every effort is made to inform parents as soon as possible. However, if they cannot be contacted the student will be accompanied to hospital by the nurse, who will stay with them until an appropriate adult arrives. Parents should ensure that the school and their sons/daughters have their current telephone numbers or an address where they can be contacted during the school day.

Visits to the nurse should be kept to a minimum. The service the nurse provides is intended to treat injury and illness that occurs during the school day and is not an alternative to seeing your GP or going to the A&E department.

All visits to the nurse are recorded on CPOMS – a secure database.

Student Absence Reporting


The absence reporting form is currently under review and will be available from Friday 22nd April. 

We apologise for any inconvenience 


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