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Head of Department:Miss S Cunningham

The English Faculty is staffed by a team of energetic, creative teachers who share a strong commitment to the development of literacy and communication skills of students at the school. Through a carefully articulated sequence of units at each key stage, students experience and respond to a diversity of different types of reading material. As well as enjoying literary fiction from a range of cultural and historical periods, students study the many forms and varieties of non-fiction and media texts. In English lessons, students are taught how to use texts studied as models for their own writing and students focus on developing the skills required in all aspects of the English curriculum. It is our aim that students will become increasingly precise, technically accurate, stylistically adventurous, confident writers. Discussion tasks and drama-related activities are used as a way of engaging with and enlivening texts, developing analytical skills and preparing for written work.

The activities of English lessons are extended beyond the classroom in a variety of ways. For instance, the school library runs a series of literary events such as National Poetry Day, and provides an environment for reading on a grand scale including Readathon, poetry performances, workshops by visiting authors, creative writing competitions and creative poetry work.
The level of students’ enjoyment of English lessons is reflected in the popularity of Sixth Form courses offered by the Faculty. Each year, large numbers of students choose to pursue English Language, English Literature or Media Studies at Advanced Level and the Faculty has a strong record of success with students who have taken these courses.


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