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Physical Education

Head of Department:Miss R Burn

Key Stage 3 Physical Education consists of a broad and balanced programme, which includes dance, gymnastics, fitness, athletics, outdoor adventurous activities and badminton along with a variety of team games. Within the curriculum, students improve their practical skills, learn how to adapt and apply them to different situations, evaluate and improve performances, understand health and fitness as well as developing their tactics & composition ideas. Pupils are encouraged to work together, develop their teamwork and communication, as well as having the opportunity to take on different leadership roles.
In Years 10 and 11, the emphasis is placed on physical activity and students adopting a range of responsibilities within a sporting setting, alongside trying new activities to encourage more participation outside of school. PE at Key Stage 4 equips them with the skills and confidence to lead active and healthy lifestyles after they leave school. Students actively take roles in a number of games, fitness and athletics activities and a range of different activities are introduced to maintain motivation levels and interest. There is also the opportunity to obtain experience as a young leader and to follow one of the highly popular courses such as GCSE Physical Education or BTEC Sport. The Department also runs a successful A Level Physical Education course, which involves theoretical aspects from Skill Acquisition, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Sport History as well as a practical element and an analysis piece of coursework.

The Department’s extra-curricular programme at lunchtime and after school is extensive, with over forty clubs running throughout the week. It includes recreational clubs and activities as well as competitive sports. The school enters both Area, County and National level competitions in a number of different sports. There are also opportunities for young leaders to help out as sports prefects or to get involved with primary school competitions.

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