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Head of Department:Miss H Radcliffe

One of the primary aims of the Mathematics Department is to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for the subject. At all key stages, standards of attainment are consistently well in excess of national averages. We endeavour to develop, in all students, confidence and accuracy in handling and applying everyday mathematical ideas and techniques. A variety of teaching and learning methods, incorporating both individual and group activities, develop each student’s written, oral and practical skills.
Key Stage 3 Mathematics is delivered in line with the National Curriculum and builds on work undertaken in Years 5 and 6. Our Key Stage 3 Scheme of Learning follows a mastery pathway allowing pupils to study Mathematical skills and concepts at a slower pace but in more depth rather than covering them superficially and returning to them each year. This scheme enables pupils to focus on smaller steps in their Mathematical learning, thus allowing them extra time for practice, application and developing deeper understanding. Pupils who have grasped concepts are given rich and sophisticated problems within the same concept.
At Key Stage 4 as well as studying GCSE Mathematics, we also offer the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics and Entry Level Certificates in Mathematics where appropriate. Interest in studying mathematics at post-16 is very strong. The A Level Mathematics course provides a stimulating and interesting base for further study. In addition we also offer A Level Further Mathematics and Mathematical Studies, a Level 3 Core Maths qualification, to ensure post-16 mathematics is available to as many students as possible.
Careful monitoring of all students’ performance throughout their time at King James’s School enables us to set high and clear targets for each student and give them effective feedback to maximise their potential in the subject.

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