Sixth Form - Home
Sixth Form - Home

Jewellery, Make-up, Hair & Personal Belongings​

  • Make up, if worn, should be discreet. Nails should be an appropriate length and a discreet colour only.
  • Parents should seek advice from school before allowing their children to embark on any form of piercing that is not a traditional ear piercing. Pupils who have pierced ears may wear a discreet stud or sleeper in each ear. They must be removed during PE lessons for safety reasons.
  • Jewellery should be limited to a fine necklace chain and one flat ring but this must be in keeping with the school uniform.
  • Students should not wear bracelets/wrist chains except for the anti-bullying band that the school provides and recognised charity brands. These should be removed for practical subjects and no more than two worn at the same time.
  • Extremes in hairstyle are to be avoided. Hair should not be dyed any non-natural colour, i.e. pink, blue, green etc. and students must not have patterns shaved into their hair.
  • Mobile phones an devices should be turned off and not taken out between 8.40am and 3.15pm unless they are being used as part of a lesson or organised school activity – this includes before and after school, break and lunchtime.
  • If phones or devices are seen or being used on the school ground they may be removed from the student and kept safe until parents come to collect them.
  • Aerosols are not to be brought into school.
  • Chewing gum, fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not allowed in school.

Outdoor Clothing

  • Students should wear outdoor clothing which is in keeping with the school uniform. Coats should be worn that protect against the variable British weather! All coats sohuld be worn over the blazer, not under.
  • Outerwear including coats and hoodies must not be worn outside of the locker areas and not at all between 8.40am and 3.15pm.
  • We discourage expensive fashion jackets that are not practical.


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