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Head of Department:Mr M Sloan

The Department aims to create an environment in which students gain a sense of achievement and are encouraged to become involved in the cultural life of both the school and community. We strongly believe that being skilled in art is not an inherited talent but gained through formative review and practice. The Art courses are structured to develop students’ understanding of the language of Art and Design through a range of disciplines such as drawing, printmaking, painting and ceramics. Homework is an important element of the retrieval practice process, providing the means for students to express their ideas and practice skills further.

In addition to GCSE and A Levels in Art and Design under the Fine Art endorsement, the Department also offers as part of our broader curriculum GCSE Photography, GCSE Art Craft & Design and an A Level in Digital Photography. Many students are involved in a variety of clubs at lunchtimes or after school including life drawing for sixth form students. Examination results for the department at GCSE and A Level are well above the national average, particularly in the higher grade performance. Many of A Level students have in the past progressed either to a Foundation Course in Art or directly to university courses studying a variety of Art courses at degree level directly. We are very proud of our alumni of ex-students who currently occupy professions in the creative industries such as Landscape Designers, Architects, Model makers, Fine Artists, Product Designers (including a Lego designer), Interior Designers, Fashion & Textiles industries, Photographers and Film makers.

The Department has a tradition of underpinning all practical work with a critical understanding of both European and World Art. At GCSE & A level we regularly visit galleries and museums. Sixth Form trips are organised to London, Liverpool, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Barcelona and New York. A large exhibition showcasing the work of GCSE and A Level Art and Photography is held every summer in the Chaloner Hall which is open to all.

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