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Free School Meals

To qualify for free school meals for your son/daughter, you must fulfil one of the criteria set by Universal Credit which can be found on the government website: 

Please note that contributions-based benefits, including contribution-related Jobseekers´ Allowance do not entitle you to claim free school meals.

If you meet the criteria, please visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for an application form

Applications are usually processed within five working days. You will be notified in writing, either by post or email, if your child is entitled and the Local Authority will also let the school know. You should continue to pay until confirmation comes through. Schools may be able to arrange reimbursement of payment made while your entitlement is being confirmed.

Free school meals claims cannot be backdated. They are awarded from the date North Yorkshire County Council receive the application, once eligibility is confirmed. This is because there is a legal requirement for a request to be made, before a free school meal can be provided.

If you are not entitled to free school meals, you will be notified in writing.

Student Absence Reporting


The absence reporting form is currently under review and will be available from Friday 22nd April. 

We apologise for any inconvenience 


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