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Business is front-page news. Many of you will already have contact with businesses through TV programmes like The Apprentice and The Dragon’s Den, and from part-time work and jobs your family and friends do; all of you will work in some form of business in the future. A Level Business provides a broad, academic foundation into how businesses work and enables you to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to succeed in an ever-changing business world. You will develop your understanding of the techniques used in marketing, finance, production and human resource management. You will learn how to set up and run a small business, and also about management, leadership and decision-making at a strategic level in larger organisations.

To get started

Newcomers to the subject are welcome, it is not necessary to have studied Business previously.
A Level Business is an academic subject. Exam questions require you to analyse both written information and numerical data. A mix of short and longer essay-style answers are required. Quantitative skills, including financial ratios, averages, fractions and percentages, and calculation of profit and loss, make up 10% of the overall marks.

Exams and Assessment Information

AQA – 7132 Assessment is by three 2 hour exams at the end of the course. There is no coursework.

What Next?

A Level Business provides an opportunity to add breadth to any combination of A Levels. It fits equally well with humanities, arts, sciences and modern languages. A Level Business provides an excellent basis for any business-related degree, such as management science, and is also relevant to a wide range of careers, including management, finance, law, media, engineering and accountancy. The skills and understanding you gain will prove valuable in virtually any career. You will also know how to go about setting up your own business!

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