Every Form Tutor session is to build experience and broaden learning. The sessions vary but during the year they will cover: 

  • Current affairs
  • Post-18 options
  • Student finance
  • Driving awareness
  • Health issues
  • Work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Citizenship
  • Gap year and travel opportunities
  • British values

We continue to work with students to develop their skills and qualities as they prepare to move forward to further study, employment or travel.

We also encourage students to take up additional subjects that will aid progression to Higher Education and/or specific careers. Opportunities currently include:

  • Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs) – pieces of coursework or dissertations that are completed by the student independently. The title of the work, its research, planning, production and evaluation must be completed by the student with minimal guidance from a tutor. EPQ begins towards the end of Year 12, and is completed in Year 13.