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Media Studies

This course is a dynamic mix of exploration and practical production. Over the two years students will study a wide range of media products from music videos and magazines to television dramas and the film industry.  Each section of learning is designed to develop students’ understanding and then to put that knowledge into practice by creating complimentary media products. 

The Media Studies course helps students to engage with the world around them and look critically at things we often take for granted. This exploration is supported by media theory and a wide range of current media texts to ensure that what we cover in lessons is always relevant and engaging. 

Students should expect lessons to be varied and interesting. There will be chances for group work, pair work, presentations, discussions as well as traditional written work with peer and teacher feedback. 

Our Media Studies course is taught by an experienced team of dedicated, supportive and energetic teachers who will inspire and encourage students to immerse themselves in the world of the media; to gain a holistic view of this varied and fascinating area of study.

To get started

Students need  Grade 5 in English Literature or English Language to meet the entry requirements for the course, but a keen interest in the media is fundamental.

Exams and Assessment Information

OCR – H409

The two year course builds up to two exams:

Media Messages and Evolving Media, both worth 35% and a piece of practical coursework worth 30%.

Set texts include:

Minecraft, The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Music Videos including David Guetta’s, Titanium, Long Running T.V. dramas including Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Big Issue.

What Next?

The skills developed over the Media Studies course are varied and wide-ranging, making an A Level in Media Studies a stepping stone to a breadth of courses and employment. Previous students have pursued careers in a range of areas including film making, fashion design and business, media make-up and stage design, as well traditional academic university courses.

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