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Meet the Team

Director of Sixth Form

Mr J O'Hara

Learning Manager(s) - Year 12

Mr E Churchill / Mrs V Symington

Learning Manager(s) - Year 13

Ms J Watson

Form Tutors - Year 12

12MSL - Mr M Sloan
12KAU - Mr K Aughton
12IWA/SWY - Mr I Wakefield / Miss S Whyte
12JHP - Mr J Philpot
12SHD/SWY - Mrs s Hodgson / Miss S Whyte
12JHA - Mr J Hamer

Form Tutors - Year 13

13PGR/CFL - Mr P Grist / Mrs C Flatley
13BFO - Mr B Foley
13LCL/PCH - Mrs L Clitheroe / Dr P Child
13SKE - Mr S Keeble
13ARO/PCH - Mrs A Rose / Dr P Child
13RLG - Miss R Leung

Pastoral Officer - Sixth Form

Mrs A Simmons
for all pastoral related issues and to discuss issues affecting attendance.

Administration - Sixth Form

Mrs Z Sewell
for all general enquiries and to contact the relevant Learning Manager or Director of Sixth Form

Student Absence Reporting


The absence reporting form is currently under review and will be available from Friday 22nd April. 

We apologise for any inconvenience 


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