Meet the Team

Director of Sixth Form

Mr J O'Hara

Learning Manager(s) - Year 12

Mrs T Burt / Ms J Watson

Learning Manager(s) - Year 13

Mr E Churchill / Miss V Rigden

Form Tutors - Year 12

12PGR/MSL – Mr Grist / Mr M Sloan
12BFO – Mr B Foley
12LCL/MSL – Miss L Clitheroe / Mr Sloan
12PHO/MSL – Mr Holloway / Mr Sloan
12RLG – Miss Leung

Form Tutors - Year 13

13GKA – Mr G McVeigh-Kaye
13KAU – Mr K Aughton
13PCH/GBA – Dr P Child / Mrs G Bachellerie
13CFL/MBO – Mrs C Flatley / Ms M Bowley
13SHD/BNO – Mrs Hodgson / Ms Noble
13JHA – Mr J Hamer

Pastoral Officer - Sixth Form

Mrs A Simmons
for all pastoral related issues or concerns

Administration - Sixth Form

Mrs R Dodds
for all general enquiries and to contact the relevant Learning Manager or Director of Sixth Form