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Applied Business

AQA Applied Business provides a highly successful alternative to a traditional A Level, suitable for students who prefer a more practical approach to learning where you are assessed continuously throughout the two years via coursework instead of exams only. Applied Business provides a broad foundation into how businesses work and enables you to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to succeed in an ever-changing business world. You will develop your understanding of the techniques used in marketing, finance, operations, events management and human resource management. You will learn how to set up a small business, and the relationship between business and the changing external environment. Applied Business is designed to be practical, enabling you to develop up-to-date business skills, knowledge and understanding. You will work with local businesses on investigative portfolio assignments. This year’s projects have been supported by Taylor’s of Harrogate, GSPK, Black Sheep Brewery, McDonalds, and Marks and Spencer.

To get started

Newcomers to the subject are welcome; it is not necessary to have studied Business Studies previously. Take this course if you prefer a more practical, ‘hands-on’ approach to learning and would prefer to be assessed continuously throughout the two years via coursework.

Exams and Assessment

AQA in Applied Business assessment is mainly through coursework assignments: Level 3 Certificate in Applied Business: Assessment is by two coursework assignments and one exam. Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Business: Assessment is by two additional coursework assignments and one exam.

What Next?

Applied Business provides an opportunity to add breadth to any combination of A Levels. It is relevant to a wide range of careers, including management, finance, law, media, engineering and accountancy. It is a highly respected route for students who wish to move into employment in business, either directly or following further study. Applied Business also provides an excellent basis for any business-related degree, such as management science or marketing. The skills & understanding you gain will prove valuable in virtually any career.  You will also know how to go about setting up your own business!

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