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Geography is a contemporary subject that looks at the relationship between population and the physical environment at a variety of scales from local to global.  The units studied offer opportunities for you to consider your own values and attitudes to themes and issues discussed, as well as those of the decision makers.  It also encourages the acquisition of a broad range of skills, including the ability to deal with statistics and analyse maps and other kinds of data. Some GCSE topics will be touched on but there are many new ones to learn about.  There’s a lot more depth in the ones you think you know all about!

Fieldwork is a vital part of any A Level Geography course.  In Year 12 we will visit Saltaire to study changing places and the Holderness coast.  Over the course of the two year course you will complete four days of field work which will prepare you for your Individual Investigation in Year 13.

To get started

GCSE Geography at grade 5 is required. 

English Language or Literature at grade 4 and Mathematics at grade 4.

Geography is a broad subject and works well with many different combinations of subjects.  Some students are scientists, others study a number of humanities subjects.  You will be required to do some statistical analyses so a good level of maths is required.

Exams and Assessment Information

AQA – 7037

You will study a range of themes and issues including coastal systems and landscapes, water and carbon cycles and hazards.

Human geography topics that will be studied are changing places, contemporary urban environments and global systems and governance.

You will be introduced to new theory and explore these themes through the study of a few in depth case studies.

What Next?

You will gain a wide range of skills so you will be well equipped to enter a variety of jobs and degree courses, including environmental and recreation management, pollution science, global futures, transport studies, geology and oceanography.  Geography graduates are highly sought after and post-graduate unemployment is low.

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