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Mathematics Studies - Level 3 Certificate

This Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies is a qualification studied over two years which carries the same UCAS points as an AS level.  The aim is to consolidate and build on students’ mathematical understanding, develop it further and build skills in the application of maths to authentic problems.  An excellent course to develop GCSE skills.

This course will enable students to:

  Study a mathematics curriculum that is integrated with other areas of their study, work or interest, leading to the application of mathematics in these areas

  Develop mathematical modelling, evaluating and reasoning skills

  Solve open-ended problems

  Solve substantial and realistic problems encountered by adults

• Use ICT for developing mathematical understanding and solving problems

• Develop skills in the communication, selection, use and interpretation of their mathematics

• Enjoy mathematics and develop confidence in using mathematics.

To get started

The Mathematics Studies course is suitable for any student with a grade 4 or above from either Foundation or Higher tier GCSE Mathematics.

Exam and Assessment Information

AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies (1350)

The course is linear with two 90 minute papers sat at the end of the two year course.

Paper 1 assesses:

Analysis of data

Maths for personal finance


Paper 2 assesses:

Critical analysis of given data and models including: 

Spreadsheets and tabular data

Statistical techniques

To get started

Mathematical Studies will prepare students for the varied contexts they are likely to encounter in vocational and academic study, future employment and life. As such, Mathematical Studies fosters the ability to think mathematically and to apply mathematical techniques to a variety of unfamiliar situations, questions and issues with confidence. Mathematical Studies is likely to be particularly valuable for students progressing to higher education courses with a distinct mathematical or statistical element. This qualification will also be valuable for any student aiming for a career in a professional, creative or technical field and supports A Level subjects with a mathematical element, such as Geography, Psychology, Economics and the Sciences.

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